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peterborough guitar lessons
Gizz Butt Guitar and Bass tuition in Peterborough , Cambridgeshire is available to all ages and abilities, from absolute beginner to the highest advanced. Gizz is fully CRB checked and has full public liability insurance, is on the registry of guitar tutors and has a purpose built studio away from home for complete DISTRACTION-FREE TUITION.
Guitar Lessons In Peterborough
The studio is warm, welcoming and comfortable and parents may sit in on the lesson also if preferred.

Lessons available Morning,day or night, in a way to suit your budget. Rock school band classes, children's holiday rock clubs and group sessions available too.

As well as teaching at his studio, Gizz also teaches at Peterborough Hampton College and the Voyager Academy but has previously taught at Orton Longueville school and spent 5 years teaching at Stamford Boys school from 1990 – 95 before leaving to join The Prodigy! He teaches Rhythm, Lead, Bass guitar and whole rock bands.

All styles are taught: Rock, Metal, Punk, Indie, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Neo-Classical, Pop, Funk, Soul, Modern and Retro, Metalcore and Emo, 7 string guitar and more ...

  • Grades 1-8, GCSE and A-level syllabus are also catered for.

Gizz uses Trinity guildhall rock school examination grades 1-8. Gizz teaches GCSE and A level students at local schools. All students are trained to the required grade level and helped apply for their grade exam. Grades can be arranged if they are required by the student and/or the parent.

All scales and modes, all techniques including superfast picking,sweep picking, alternate picking, tapping, hammering, pulling, bending, sliding, economy picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, legato, pedal licks, harmonics, muting, vibrato, whammy bar, effects, phrasing, timing, feel, and more ...

Chord theory, melody and harmony, rhythm, phrasing, song theory and construction:

  • Get advice on TONE!!!
  • Get advice on beginning and forming a band.
  • Get advice on starting a career in music.

Gizz teaches in his personal pro-tools recording studio which is well equipped with several amps and guitars / bass guitars for the pupils to use. There is also drums and a vocal PA.

Gizz uses Recording equipment, drum machines, effects and backing tracks to create a live track for the lessons and everything runs through the studio. The premises double up as an actual recording studio so the sound is AWESOME.

Gizz has a definite approach with everyone he teaches which enables him as a teacher to find your goals and help to reach those goals. This will enable you to pinpoint your tastes, learn your favourite songs ,then piece together the theory that was used to create them so that you can:

  • Understand what you are learning.
  • Find learning future songs easier.
  • Construct your own songs.
  • Become musically knowledgeable and verbal.
  • Make learning theory interesting so you can become as good a player as you want to.

If necessary Gizz will create a backing track for you, if you need help in playing in front of a live audience there is no one more experienced than Gizz to help you do that, or if you want to sing and play at the same time Gizz will help you do that.

There are simple courses available where after 10 weeks you will be tested and awarded a certificate if you reach a certain criteria but these courses are not compulsory. The aim is to get everyone playing brilliantly and to enjoy what they do and reach their goals. Or you can go for the Rock School grades and earn a university recognized qualification.

Gizz can teach pairs and larger teams for an arranged fee.

All lessons are based in Peterborough at Gizz's studio. They are arranged and confirmed by phone but 24 hours must be given for any cancellations:


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