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Gizz Butt became a household name in 1996 when he joined THE PRODIGY as guitarist just as they shot to a level of fame not unlike Beatlemania. The album "THE FAT OF THE LAND" was No1 in 38 countries at the same time.

Gizz has earned a reputation as being a massive influence on the opinions of musicians and on the worldwide music scene. He is a deeply respected guitarist and songwriter with a great knowledge of TECHNIQUE, sound and equipment, as observed by fellow musicians and producers world wide.

It began in 1979 when Gizz, then 13, began fusing Punk and Heavy Metal ideas together. A year later he was asked to join THE DESTRUCTORS. Soon METALLICA became aware of the Destructors, and they openly became fans of Gizz's next band ENGLISH DOGS which enjoyed world wide cult status with their 1984 PUNK METAL classic "FORWARD INTO BATTLE". Other fans of English Dogs include Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Machine Head and Napalm Death.

Legendary producer ANDY SNEAP began his career recording Gizz with English Dogs in 1993. It was during this period that Kerrang magazine became aware of Gizz and mentioned his name to The Prodigy when they were looking to add ROCK to their Dance sound.

Gizz's late '90s band JANUS STARK had songs featured in Oscar nominated films VARSITY BLUES, DISTURBING BEHAVIOUR and DEAD MAN'S CURVE and played a cameo role in the UK film WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HAROLD SMITH.

Janus Stark released the cult album "GREAT ADVENTURE CIGAR", which was adored by THE FOO FIGHTERS – who subsequently invited Gizz up on stage to join them for a spell.

Gizz has also been involved with a wide variety of really huge acts, including THE FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM as guitarist, Andy Sneap's band SABBAT as bassist and even CRASS (on a four-year World tour with Steve Ignorant and The Last Supper) as musical director and lead guitarist. He has also performed live with PETE BEST, the original drummer of THE BEATLES.

The last 11 years have seen Gizz tour the globe with his Metal band THE MORE I SEE, who have just recorded their fourth album. In 2006 Gizz launched his own rock school, THE GIZZ BUTT ROCK ACADEMY. Gizz Butt teaches many students every week in his academy and at colleges where he is a popular guitar, bass and rock school teacher.

In early 2012 Gizz toured the USA with his early Gods THE ENGLISH DOGS. What next? A European tour with The More I See – and who knows what else!

Gizz endorses Ibanez guitars, Peavey amplification, Ernie Ball strings, Jim Dunlop pics and effects .
The Destructors.
  • EP - "Senseless Violence EP" (1982) Paperback (#33)
  • EP - "Religion... There Is No Religion EP" (1982) Carnage Benelux (#34)
  • EP - "Jailbait EP" (1982) Illuminated
  • LP - "Exorcise The Demons of Youth" (1982) Illuminated (#12)
  • LP - "Bullshit Detector" Comp LP Agent orange - (1982) Crass records
  • EP - "Forces Of Law EP" (1983) Illuminated (#26)
  • LP - "Armageddon In Action" (live) (1983) Radical Change (#10)
  • EP - "Cry Havoc and Unleash The Dogs EP" (1983) Criminal Damage (#31)
  • LP - "Merry Christmas and Fuck Off" (1983) Death Records
  • EP - "Wild Thing", 4 Track E.P released December 1983, Illuminated Records, ILL1912
  • EP - "Electronic Church" (1983) free with "Trees and Flowers" magazine
  • LP - "Bomb Saigon, Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Disneyland" Album Released January 1984 Carnage Benelux, KILL666
Doom day.
  • Count your useless hours (Swell Creek records SWSH 003 , 2007)
English Dogs.
  • Forward Into Battle (Rot Records ASS20, 1985))
  • Where Legend Began (Under One Flag Records FLAG4, 1987)
  • Bow to None (Impact Records, 1994)
  • All the World's a Rage (Impact Records, 1995)
  • I've Got A Gun! Live In Helsinki (Retch Records, 1999)
  • This Is Not A War (Retch Records, 2002)
  • To the Ends of the Earth 12" (Rot Records, 1984)
  • Metalmorphosis 12" (Under One Flag Records 12FLAG101, 1986)
  • Sei Was Du Bist (Impact 1995)
  • What a Wonderful Feeling to Be F**ked By Everyone (Retch Records, 1995)
The Desecrators.
  • Speed up the death process (Pro anti records 002 2010))
  • The Beyond Within (Looney Tunes records 1990 TUNE 22))
The More I See.
  • The Wolves are hungry (SPV 085-69592 CD 2005))
  • The Unholy Feast (Transcend 2007 TR 180 CD)
  • Tread the Darker path (Transcend 2010 TR 199 CD)
The Prodigy.
  • Breathe (Xl records 2006)))
  • The Fat Of The Land (XL records 2007)
  • Their Law - The Singles 1990 - 2005 Live DVD
Janus Stark.
  • Dynamo EP (1998, Earache Records 7 MOSH 201)
  • Great Adventure Cigar (1998, Earache Records 186 CD)
  • Every Little Thing Counts EP (1999, Earache Records 221 CD)
  • Clique EP (1999 Earache 214 CD)
  • Whatever happened to Harold Smith soundtrack - 3 songs -"Personality breakdown" , "Raw power" and "Night Fever "(East West 8571-82004-2)
  • Reunited EP
  • UK Thrash Assault - 2 songs "Officially pronounced dead" and " Against the grain" ( C.M.F.T productions - CMFT 1))
Police Bastard.
  • Live in Frieberg Dedicated (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16-09-2006 AU records 2009)
Shades of Rhythm.
  • Psycho Base (Coalition records DRUM 002CD) 1997
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